What is Nightmare Hall Deadly Attraction about?


It’s about a young woman obsessed with the campus Romeo teaches him a lesson in integrity when, after he cruelly dumps her, she strikes back, giving him a deadly punishment. When Robert Q and Darlene meet, the attraction is immediate. The “big man on campus” sweeps her off her feet, then dumps her for another […]

10 Myths About Your Body


10 Facts About Dreams


Think this list is interesting?  Have a look at I Never Thought of That…  

Are there any studies about what negative things can happen to a womans breast or body by too much squeezing?


Sore breasts are typically caused by either: infection, cancer, or pregnancy.  Breast cancer is identified by a lump in the breast and if that is not present you’re probably safe.  Here’s a link that you may find useful. Breast Cancer Symptoms If you’ve safely rules out cancer, and that you’re pregnant, you may have an […]

What do you think about the Haarp Project?


The Haarp Project is a scientific endeavor to study the ionosphere.  The ionosphere is the part of the atmosphere that gets ionized by solar radiation.  These ionized particles help to send high frequency radio waves to distant places on the Earth.  It is also the explanation behind the Northern Light, or Aurora Borealis, but just […]

Was Jesus of Nazareth a real person? If so what is written about him, other than what is in the Bible?


Whether or not Jesus of Nazareth existed is very heavily debated.  It is accepted by many that he did exist but that still leaves up for debate the idea that he was the son of God.  Some believe he was the son of God, while others believe that he was a prophet of God.  Still […]

If the sea level were to rise by about 60 meters because the glacial ice on Earth melted; how many U.S. cities would this effect?


If the ice caps melted I think it’s safe to say every city in the world would be affected, let alone every city in the US if the sea level rose by 60 meters.  For the sea level to increase by 60 meters every ice cap would have to melt.  That kind of rise in sea level […]

How does soda and juices last for about a year in the bottle, can, or box?


Packages themselves can aid in the preservation of food. If the container is airtight then the product can last indefinitely. That’s not to say that people don’t put preservatives in these products, of which there are a great many including MSG. Cans of soda will last as long as the can itself does, same with […]

If my doctor’s office does not call me with a test result-should I assume that it was ok?


One should never assume that test results are normal if they do not hear from their Doctor.  As a patient you need to be responsible for your own health care.  If you have had something done such as mammogram or bloodwork (anything at all) and you do not hear from your health care provider within […]

How do you setup your own website?


Follow these steps to set up your own website: 1. Find a good domain name. The first step towards setting up your own website is to obtain a good domain name. It can be rather difficult to locate the domain name that you want. You will most likely find that many domain names that apply […]

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